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1.2        The aims of the League are to administer and organise league competitions between all member teams and to promote badminton.

1.3        League membership shall be open to all badminton Clubs who wish to take part in League competition, and who agree to abide by the rules as laid down in the Constitution.

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2.1        An Annual General Meeting shall be held annually during the months of April or May.  All affiliated Clubs and committee members shall be given 10 days of notice thereof.

2.2        Each Club attending a general meeting is entitled to 2 votes by members present.  The names of those appointed to vote must be given to the Secretary prior to the start of the meeting.

2.3        The following shall be elected by the AGM:

Assistant Secretary   
Tournament Secretary
Knockout Secretary
PR Officer

In addition, the secretary of each affiliated Club will be automatically elected to committee.

Honorary members shall be automatically re-elected unless a proposal is received to the contrary.

2.4         League fees shall be decided by the AGM.

2.5         This Constitution may only be changed by a majority of votes at a General Meeting.

2.6        At the request of any 2 affiliated Clubs, an Extraordinary General Meeting may be called.  All Clubs will be given 10 days notice.

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3.1        To be eligible to vote at Committee meetings, members must have attended a minimum of 50% of meetings since and including the AGM.

3.2        The elected Committee shall have the power to regulate the Divisions, to decide where new teams will join, and whether teams should be promoted or relegated.  The number of teams promoted or relegated in any Division will be at the discretion of the Committee.

3.3        The quorum for Committee meetings will be 6.

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4.1        Registration for new players must be received no later than 31 December each year. Registration will be effective from the date of submission to Secretary.

4.2        Players must be registered for the Division in which they are to play.  Except for the provision of Rule 7.6, they must not play in any other Division without the express written approval of the Committee.

4.3        Grading of all players shall be scrutinised after the end of each season.  New players will be graded by the Committee on registration.  Appeals on grading must be submitted in writing by the Club Secretary, and will be heard at the second Committee meeting of the new season (normally in October).

4.4        Between the date of registration and their first match a player may only play for a Club situated within a 10 mile radius, as the crow flies, from their place of work Monday to Friday, or alternatively, from their home (being their place of residence for electoral purposes).  At the discretion of the committee, this rule may not be applied for specified players.

4.5        If a player changes their home address to more than 10 miles from their Club they can be considered to remain registered with that Club subject to the Committee's discretion but only if a personal request is received from the player concerned and provided he/she has been a registered member of that Club for the previous 5 years continuously.

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5.1        All Divisions will be subject to promotion and/or relegation.

5.2        Mixed teams shall consist of 4 Men and 4 Ladies, playing in order of merit, with the exception that Ladies of the same grade may play in any order in mixed teams.  A match shall consist of 8 games - 4 mixed, 2 Mens doubles and 2 Ladies doubles.

5.3        Teams in the Mens/Ladies League shall consist of 4 to 6 as determined by the Committee) Men/Ladies, playing in order of merit.  Players shall be paired as follows:
          1 & 2,   3 & 4,   1 & 2,   3 & 4 (for teams of 4), or
          1 & 2,   3 & 4,   5 & 6 ,    1 & 4,   2 & 5,   3 & 6 (for teams of 6).

5.4        Substitutes on any team must play in order of merit.

5.5        Clubs must endeavour each season to enter teams in the same Divisions as the previous year. Failing this, they must replace the teams in higher Divisions first.

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6.1        Teams shall consist of no more than 4 Men and 4 Ladies playing in order of merit.  Players may only play in a section equal to or above their League grading.

6.2        A match shall consist of the following games:
    Ladies Singles
    Mens Singles
    Ladies Doubles
    Mens Doubles
    Third Mixed
    Second Mixed
    First Mixed
to be played in that order, except at the discretion of the Knockout Secretary.

6.3        A player may not play more than 2 games in any match.

6.4        Players may only be selected from those registered for the Club at the date of the match.

6.5        Players knocked out in any section are not eligible to play for any other team in that section.

6.6        The competition shall take the form of a knockout.  Only one match will be played, the home team being decided by the order of the draw.

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7.1        Matches shall start by the appointed time, unless the teams agree otherwise in advance.  If during a match a player fails to appear and no further games can be played, they shall forfeit to the opposing team any games remaining to be played.  Starting time must be recorded on match report sheets.

7.2        Divisions 1 and 2 matches must be played with feather shuttles.  Other divisions have a choice of either feather or plastic shuttles.

7.3        Each game shall consist of the best of 3 sets, playing to 21 points, in accordance with the rules of the International Badminton Federation.  One match point will be awarded to the winners of each game.

7.4        If for any unforeseen reason, a match has to be abandoned during play, the games should be continued at a later date from where the scores left off.

7.5        Players must play in the order registered (i.e. in order of merit) unless prior permission has been obtained from the Committee.

7.6        Substitutes may play up to a higher team on any number of occasions. Substitutes may not play down to a lower team under any circumstances.  In addition, a place on a registered team may not be taken by any player of a higher grade.

7.7        If a player had played 1 match for a Club, he/she cannot play for any other League Club during the same season.

7.8        Each team shall complete a match report sheet for each match. Such reports must be forwarded to the League Secretary within 1 week of the end of the month in which the match is scheduled.

7.9        At least 24 hours notice of cancellation of a fixture must be given unless both teams agree otherwise. The only acceptable reasons for cancellation will be bereavement, inclement weather, and home hall not available.  All cancellations must be notified through the League Secretary.  Club Secretaries are not permitted to accept cancellations for any reason, unless approved by the League Secretary.  Any team cancelling other than for the above acceptable reasons shall forfeit the points for the match.

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8.1        Where any Division is divided into 2 sections, the winner of each section shall play-off in a neutral venue to decide the Division winner.

8.2        In the event of a tie for the first place in any Division (or either section of a Division), after the number of games has been taken into consideration, the game scores shall be counted (in counting games, games won in 2 sets shall count as 3 points and games won in 3 sets shall count as 2 points) In the event of scores still being equal, the points scored in games against each other shall be counted.

8.3        If any team fails to complete its fixture list without the express permission of the League Secretary, it shall be deemed not to have competed that season and all matches played will be considered void. Penalties as per rule 9.5 will then apply.

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9.1        If any team plays an invalid player, or a player out of order of merit, they shall forfeit to the opposing team any points won by that player, and points of any games below that player.

9.2        Other offences shall be penalised at the discretion of the League Committee.

9.3        If any team fails to pay their entry fees by 31 December in any season a penalty of £10 per team will be levied.

9.4        Fixed penalties may be appealed in writing within 14 days of notification by the Committee.

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10.1       The League will ensure that at all times it meets the requirements of the Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children's Sport issued by Sports Council Northern Ireland. The League will ensure that all badminton coaches hold a recognised coaching qualification from the Badminton Union of Ireland.  It will further ensure that at all qualified coaches working with children have received authorised training in Child Protection from a recognised sporting organisation.

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11.1       Complaints about any aspect of the League must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary.  If the Committee deems its necessary, they may invite a Club representative to put their point of view to the meeting.

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Stephen Knox

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