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Tyrone Open Badminton Championships 2020
This was submitted on 23/2/2020 by Nigel Booth PRO

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The Clogher Valley and Western District Badminton League hosted its annual Tyrone Open Badminton Championships last week which seen players from near and far descend on the Ecclesville Centre in Fintona to compete in the various grades. A mix of both youth and experience resulted in some highly contested matches and provided great entertainment for both fellow competitors and spectators. This year the tournament has seen its highest entry across all the grades, with many of the events running into the early hours of the morning.

Without the efforts of the Clogher Valley Badminton Committee, this tournament would not be a success. Special thanks are due to tournament secretary Nigel Booth, and tournament referee Derrick Jobb, who together with fellow committee members Lorna Beattie, Barbara Trimble, Sheena Hughes, Arnold Gibson, Jennifer Leonard, Audrey Dempsey, Olive Kee and Leonard Knox ensured all events ran smoothly each night.

This year the league is appreciative of sponsorship from Lowry Building and Civil Engineering Ltd, Castlederg, Clogher Valley Livestock Producers and Vision Care Opticians.

The Tournament opened on Monday 17th February with the ‘C’ events and concluded on Saturday 22nd February with the Tyrone Open Junior Championships which saw players compete in singles and doubles events at under 14 and under 17 age levels. There was an excellent turnout of local players as well as players from as far away as Donegal, Lisburn and Letterkenny which provided great entertainment for spectators. Special thanks are due to Jennifer Leonard, Sheena Hughes, Elizabeth Cullinan, Brian McGrath, Audrey Dempsey, Lorna Beattie and other parents who helped out with organising/scoring on the day.


U14 Girls Singles
Winner: Jasmine Buchanan
Runner-up: Amber Buchanan

U14 Boys Singles
Winner: Jeffrey Wong
Runner-up: Jerald Baiju

U14 Girls Doubles
Winners: Jasmine Buchanan/Amber Buchanan
Runners-up: Amy Moore/Emily Marshall

U14 Boys Doubles
Winners: Zach McAuley/Rhys McAuley
Runners-up: Ryan McAuley/David Kee

U17 Girls Singles
Winner: Jasmine Buchanan
Runner-up: Amber Buchanan

U17 Boys Singles
Winner: Callum Laird
Runner-up: Hari Narayan

U17 Girls Doubles
Winners: Jasmine Buchanan/Amber Buchanan
Runners-up: Ella Hughes/Aoife O’Neill

U17 Boys Doubles
Winners: Callum Laird/Hari Narayan
Runners-up: Rhys McAuley/Zach McAuley

‘C’ Ladies
Semi-final; J. Baxter/G. Armstrong beat R. Porter/S. Macbeth 21/5 21/11. E. McConnell/K. Eaton beat L. Dickson/J. Armstrong 22/20 21/18. Final; McConnell/Eaton 21/12 21/12.

‘C’ Men’s
Semi-final; D. Graham/S. Henderson beat D. Williamson/H. Hutchinson 19/21 21/17 21/17. R. Boyd/J. Boyd beat T. Darragh/J. Patterson 21/15 12/21 21/9. Final; Graham/Henderson 21/13 21/13.

‘C’ Mixed
Semi-final; M. Diamond/S. Henderson beat G. Armstrong/M. Henderson 21/16 21/18. J. Armstrong/J. Boyd beat J. Baxter/A. Finlay 21/6 21/7. Final; Armstrong/Boyd 21/8 17/21 21/17.

‘B’ Ladies
Semi-final; L. Dickson/A. Dempsey beat J. Sproule/G. Armstrong 21/10 21/10. J. Williamson/R. Hamilton beat E. Catterson/J. Warnock 21/17 21/19. Final; Williamson/Hamilton 17/21 21/12 21/10.

‘B’ Men’s
Semi-final; C. Booth/D. Johnston beat K. McNally/N. Ebbitt 21/15 15/21 21/16. M. Williamson/D. Jobb beat S. Babau/H. Narayan 21/17 18/21 24/22. Final; Booth/Johnston 21/14 21/8.

‘B’ Mixed
Semi-final; A Dunne/R. Hamilton beat B. Alexander/D. Johnston 22/20 21/19. J. Boyd/J. Williamson beat C. Booth/A. Dempsey 21/18 21/11. Final; Dunne/Hamilton 22/20 19/21 21/12.

‘A’ Ladies
Semi-final; M. Magee/L. Goudie beat J. Leonard/B. Trimble 21/4 21/11. M. Colhoun/C. Nelson beat S. Dawson/M. McFarland 23/21 21/16. Final; Magee/Goudie 21/10 21/12.

‘A’ Men’s
Semi-final; A. Knox/J. Macbeth beat N. Booth/A. McKinley 21/10 21/18. M. Warke/R. Macbeth beat A. Macbeth/E. Henderson 21/14 21/15. Final; Warke/Macbeth 21/10 21/16.

‘A’ Mixed
Semi-final; C. Nelson/R. Macbeth beat M. Warke/J. McClure 21/16 21/17. T. Watson/J. Watson beat K. Ballantine/N. Booth 23/21 17/21 22/20. Final; Nelson/Macbeth 21/14 13/21 21/10.

‘A/B’ Ladies
Semi-final; K. Ballantine/E. Ballantine beat L. Dickson/J. Leonard 21/13 21/6. S. Hughes/M. Colhoun beat M. McFarland/J. Warnock 21/11 21/16. Final; Ballantine/Ballantine 24/26 21/11 21/18.

‘A/B’ Men’s
Semi-final; M. Warke/R. Kennedy beat P. Alcorn/D. Johnston 22/10 21/13. N. Booth/C. Booth beat A. Lowry/M. Armstrong 21/15 21/11. Final; Warke/Kennedy 21/11 21/17.

‘A/B’ Mixed
Semi-final; M. Colhoun/M. Warke beat G. Graham/J. Lowry 16/21 21/19 21/11. B. Alexander/A. Lowry beat L. Dickson/P. Alcorn 18/21 21/11 21/14. Final; Colhoun/Warke 21/19 21/13.

‘B/C’ Ladies
Semi-final; J. Sproule/G. Armstrong beat M. Diamond/K. Dunne 21/14 21/12. R. Hicks/M. Allen beat J. Buchanan/A. Buchanan 21/16 25/23. Final; Sproule/Armstrong 21/18 21/19.

‘B/C’ Men’s
Semi-final; A. Dunne/G. Blakeley beat K. McNally/F. Laboulle 21/15 21/15. N. Ebbitt/M. O’Reilly beat D. Williamson/G. Williamson 22/20 21/17. Final; Dunne/Blakeley 14/21 21/16 21/11.

‘B/C’ Mixed
Semi-final; M. Allen/G. Williamson beat G. Armstrong/A. Finlay 21/19 20/22 21/13. K. Dunne/A. Dunne beat D. Graham/D. Graham 21/13 21/14. Final; Dunne/Dunne 22/10 21/11.

2020 Tyrone Championships on The Horizon
This was submitted on 9/2/2020 by Nigel Booth PRO

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Clogher Valleys’ flagship tournament, the Tyrone Open Championships, run by the League committee, gets underway in the week beginning Monday 17th February 2020. The Ecclesville Centre, Fintona is the venue with entries being taken by tournament secretary Nigel Booth. Play in the senior tournament kicks off this year on Monday 17th February with the ‘C’ Men’s, Ladies and Mixed competitions. On Tuesday it is likewise for the 'B' players, while on Wednesday it is the turn of the 'A' players with Men’s, Ladies and Mixed events. On Thursday the A/B Men, Ladies and Mixed players take to the court while the B/C players compete on Friday. Finals will be played on the night of the event and play starts promptly at 8pm each evening. On Saturday 22nd February it is the return of the Junior tournament, which sees players compete in events for U-14 and U-17 age groups.

League Update
This was submitted on 12/1/2020 by Nigel Booth PRO

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Clogher Valley Badminton League

League Update

Players have been back on court after the Christmas break with play continuing in all divisions.

Division 1

Team Played Wins Points
The Centre 3 2 13
Fintona 2 2 12
Carland 3 0 8
First Omagh 2 1 7

Currently ‘The Centre’ are sitting at the top of the Division 1 leader-board with 13 points. Fintona follow closely in second place with 12 points and a game in hand. Action continues in Division 1 on Thursday 16th January following the Christmas break with First Omagh taking on Carland and Fintona up against The Centre.

Division 2

Team Played Wins Points
Edenderry 2 0 8
Centre 2 0 8
Dromore 2 0 8

At the halfway stage in Division 2, it still all remains to play for with the top spot shared between all 3 teams. Both Edenderry and The Centre will be hoping to edge into the lead when they meet in the next scheduled match of the season.

Ladies League

Team Played Wins Points
Daffodils 3 2 12
Bluebells 3 0 8
Tulips 2 0 5
Carnations 2 1 5

Barbara Trimble’s Daffodils maintain their lead at the top of the Ladies League after a 3-3 draw with Lorna Beattie’s Bluebells, in second place. Tulips and Carnations share third place but both teams have a game in hand.

Men’s League

Team Played Wins Points
Ospreys 3 2 8
Eagles 3 0 6
Falcons 3 0 5
Ravens 3 0 5

Only 2 points separate first and second place in the Men’s League leader board. Timothy Deazley’s Ospreys currently edge out in front of Jack Lowry’s Eagles at the halfway stage in the competition.

For latest news and up-to-date results visit our website at or find us on facebook: @cloghervalleybadminton

Clogher Valley Badminton League’s 2019/20 Season Gets Underway
This was submitted on 1/12/2019 by Nigel Booth PRO

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Clogher Valley Badminton League’s 2019/20 season is well underway with play in all four competitions over the last few weeks. This year sees the return of the two mixed divisions along with the popular men’s and ladies’ leagues.

Division 1 this year returned to its usual 8-player teams with First Omagh, Centre, Fintona and the new entry of Dungannon based team ‘Carland’ competing against each other. The Centre, Edenderry and Dromore will contest for the Division 2 title. Clogher Valley Ladies also return to the court with Barbara Trimble’s Daffodils, Lorna Beattie’s Bluebells, Sheena Hughes’ Tulips and Tracy Watson’s Carnations all hoping to be victorious. In the Men’s League it is Nigel Booth’s Falcons, Adam Lowry’s Ravens, Jack Lowry’s Eagles and Timothy Deazley’s Ospreys who will compete against each other.

For latest news and up-to-date results visit our website at or find us on facebook: @cloghervalleybadminton.

Clogher Valley Badminton League Titles Are Decided
This was submitted on 24/3/2019 by Nigel Booth PRO

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The final round of Ladies League and Division 2 matches have seen our winners crowned.

Ladies League

It was Lorna Beattie’s Bluebells who were victors, securing their place on top of the leader board with a 3-3 draw with Sheena Hughes’ Tulips who finished in second place. The Carnations followed in third place with 18 points, with Daffodils taking fourth spot with 9 points.

Division 2

After a nail-biting finish to the 2018/19 season,
In the final Ladies League match of the season, iit was Edenderry (27 points) who clinched the title of Division 2 winners over The Centre (26 points). With everything to play for in the final matches of the season, Edenderry secured their victory with a 4-4 draw with The Centre. Dromore (23 points) finished in third place followed by Fintona (20 points) in fourth place.

The Division 1 title has yet to be decided with matches in this league continuing this Thursday 28th March when First Omagh play Fintona Kestrels and Centre Owls take on Fintona Finches.

The Clogher Valley 2018/19 season concludes with its annual Knockout Tournament which sees players compete at ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ levels. This year the tournament is scheduled for Friday 5th March at 8pm with the venue being The Bawnacre Centre, Irvinestown.

Trophies for this and the other league competitions will be presented at the Annual Clogher Valley Badminton Dinner and Awards Night which is arranged for Saturday 26th April in Fintona Golf Club. Results and other news can be found on our website: or on our Facebook page: @cloghervalleybadminton.

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